Company "Meridian" offers the following range of knitwear: t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirt, summer, insulated and wool underwear.

In September 2012 the production line of knitwear was opened at the premises of Factory «Workwear». Products made of knitted material of different weight meet the standard, developed specially for knitwear.

Also it is possible to produce knitwear according to Technical conditions of the customer. We offer products which meet strict quality control.

Deals and special offers

«Мeridian» company sales finished garments ex stock on favorable prices. These are suits and jackets, high visibility vests, t-shirts  baseball hats, personal protective equipment and footwear. It is possible to make logo application of yout company on the wear and different articles from textile. Qualitative, operative, professionaly!

Corporate Clothing and Brand Exposure

The way you look, your appearance will create an impression and in the business world first impressions will count. Corporate clothing is concerned with developing your brand through exposure. Employees with a uniform to wear are seen as spokespeople for your company and the exposure your logo receives will improve the chances of it becoming a recognizable symbol. The corporate clothing choices you make will be a factor that could result in increased brand awareness and promote business growth.