Interesting facts

Buttons and button-like objects used as ornaments or seals rather than fasteners have been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization  as well as Bronze Age sites in China and Ancient Rome.
Buttons made from seashell were used in the Indus Valley Civilization for ornamental purposes. Some buttons were carved into geometric shapes and had holes pierced into them so that they could be attached to clothing with thread.
Functional buttons with buttonholes for fastening or closing clothes appeared first in Germany in the 13th century. They soon became widespread with the rise of snug-fitting garments in 13th- and 14th-century Europe.

Corporate Clothing and Brand Exposure

If your company currently has no dress code, employees can become ‘sloppy’ in their attire and this reflects badly on the company. Shirts, jackets and ties are not the only corporate clothes items available today; there is also a wider choice of casual items, including polo shirts or T-shirts. Casual clothes can be ordered in quality fabrics and the quality will be more important than people might think as it might make an impression on future clients and of course quality materials are longer lasting and colours more likely to remain strong. Neat and tidy uniforms will give your workforce a sense of pride while wearing them.
The nature of your business isn’t important; every employee is representing their company and corporate clothing is a promotional branded business shirts form of advertising. No matter what items of clothing are required, the quality and style can present a professional smart image. Uniforms should always have the company logo printed on them as a continuous visual aid to the promotion of your company. If the company has corporate colours these will have a great impact and should be integrated into the clothing design.
On the internet you will find many online businesses that can help you make a decision on suitable corporate clothing for you and your company. The fashion now is for employers to offer their staff a variety of branded clothing, they are then able to choose items within the range to suit their taste and body form. Lastly, don’t just order a ‘one size fits all’ as this will result in some people wearing uniforms that are far too large for them and will look untidy, and others not wearing them as they are too small! The company logo or name can be put onto any clothing item and it will identify employees with the company and reinforce product brand awareness.
The clothes should also provide ease of movement and permit work to be carried out efficiently. If the work is physical, then they can be designed to offer some level of protection. Safety and protective clothing often have extra padding for durability, boots can be found with steel toe caps for building site workers and most types of work can be found suitable clothing styles. Accessories can also have the company logo added to them.
Different types of clothing can be selected to distinguish departments within the company. Clothes worn every day for work can become worn and tired looking very quickly. It is important for them to be replaced at regular intervals and updated so as staff will keep a sense of pride in the way that they look. Corporate clothing is a significant factor in sending a positive message about your business. When your employees come to work conform clothing will make them look and work as a team. Corporate clothing AU is a modern way of promoting your company and attracting new business. Smart and neatly dressed employees take pride in their appearance and present a united front for the company.

Benefits of Corporate Clothing

In these modern days, many of organizations as well as companies use standard corporate clothing for their workers. Having this corporate clothing helps people to recognize your company brand. This also sets the standard of your company. The latest trends of apparel, corporate clothing are not limited when it comes to designs and style. There are a lot of benefits that corporate clothing can give to your business.