Every employee is important, and we appreciate every one of them

The Company commits to creating opportunities for career growth and professional development of our employees. We are pro-active in engaging everyone in the process of business development. We appreciate opinions and initiatives of our employees and encourage them to contribute to the development of our Company

Remuneration principles

Any employees successfully coping with their duties receive bonuses the amount of which is directly related to their personal performance and achievements.

Training and professional development

Round tables, master classes, training sessions and professional development courses have become a good tradition of our Company. We seek to create an environment promoting informal communication and experience exchange to stay tuned on the same wavelength and to improv e ourselves continuously. You are welcome to join our team – come and try your hand in this business and see for yourself the opportunities we offer! We are a time-tested source of unique professionals.

New Employees

From the first days of employment, every member of our team feels themselves as a part of the Company. Thus, they are able to quickly get involved in the working process. To facilitate this process, we have developed an adaptation program within which our newly employed members of the team get an information “Newbie Set”, attend adaptive training sessions and tours around the Company, and receive information about the problems to be solved during the trial period.


Our three decade-long traditions

Helping children

Our Company actively donates to help children suffering from malignancies, orphans, and those from families with many children.


We sponsor various events, promotions, competitions, and charity foundations.

Donations to municipal projects and churches

We donate to support various educational institutions, district administrations of Nizhny Novgorod region, and churches, including financial support of restoration projects.


In spring and autumn we organize lots of informative tours.

Summer tours to Golyatkino

In August we invite everyone to go to Golyatkino agricultural facilities – you’ll get a chance to see wheat, corn and pea fields with your own eyes; visit a livestock farm; taste delicious cabbage soup (“shchi”) cooked on open fire, barbecue meat (“shashlyk”) and home-made milk shakes; swim in the river; and enjoy the virgin nature.

Coffee break

Our employees always have delicious tea, coffee and cookies at their disposal to help them to prepare themselves for efficient work.


We hold annual competitions among offices to choose the best creative projects of our employees. We give them a chance to showcase their paintings, drawings, graphic design projects, photos, macramé and embroidery pieces etc.

We celebrate Birthdays

Our jolly corporate celebrations are always bright and memorable, and no birthday in the Company goes unnoticed. All our employees keep warm and vivid memories of such parties.

School pack

By 1st September we pay our employees with children additional benefits for buying school pack for their children.

New Year presents

All children of our employees, who are younger than 14, get New Year presents with most yummy candies and sweets.

Continuing education at Company’s expense

Continuing (post-graduate) education of our employees can be arranged at Company’s expense. We place much emphasis on this.

Financial assistance and psychological support

Every employee of the Company can count on our financial assistance and psychological support.

Support for families

Mothers of many children and pensioners employed with our factories are entitled to receive financial assistance. Further, we commit to supporting our employees in difficult situations.

Bonuses and Presents

Our best employees who have earned respect and gratitude of our Company by making valuable contribution to development of our business get bonuses and presents as incentives.


We are sure that yours will be the next story!


We are waiting for you!

This section provides current vacancies in our Companies. To apply for a job, please go to website by clicking the option in each block of interest for you or leave your contact details and CV below the job description. Your application will be considered, and you will get feedback as soon as possible!

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